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How do I translate the properties of an object that I have shared with BIM&CO?

BIM&CO provides a smart properties management system, OPMS, which allows you to – among other things – translate object properties into other languages.
To do so, follow these steps:

Upload your object (via our plugin)

Map the object properties with OPMS (BIM&CO’s smart properties management system)

Then, follow the usual BIM object editing process on BIM&CO – the necessary steps are already filled in for you.

Your object will then be published on BIM&CO and mapped on the platform’s OPMS system. This will allow BIM&CO to automatically translate this object’s properties into all of the platform’s available languages, without you having to translate them yourself.

See an example of an object being uploaded:

Here, you can see the object properties that have just been loaded into the digital model. Sure enough, they are in English.

To translate them into another language, all you have to do is select the object in the digital model. Click on the tab “Show product page” in our plugin.

This option will take you to the object’s download page. Change the language you want this object’s properties to be displayed in.

Then, use the smart download option to download the object again, following the four normal steps.

Accept the program’s suggestion to update the object.

Reopen the object and examine its properties – they will now be displayed in the new language you have chosen.

You can translate object properties as many times as you need to, into all the languages that BIM&CO offers.

Updated on: 18/07/2018

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