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What do the .obj files do?

An .obj file is a file created by certain modelling programs such as Archicad, 3DSMax, Rhinoceros, Inventor and many others. Other applications may also be configured to work with Revit to allow .obj files to be exported.

These files allow a model to be generated in our platform’s viewer, simply by uploading this file during stage 4 of the BIM object editing process.

BIM&CO will generate a model in the viewer as soon as you upload a Revit model file. Once this model has been created and the preview is active, the grey eye icon will turn blue.

Click on one of your object’s references to see it in the viewer.

You can also upload many other formats to BIM&CO, but in such cases the viewer will not activate automatically.

Example uploading a 3D Archicad model:

Click the model with which you want to associate an .obj file to display in the viewer.

Two sections will appear in the viewer where you can add models: the one on the left is the important one for the time being. You can manually add your preview model here by simply uploading an .obj file. Alternatively, you can upload a .zip file, which contains an .obj file and an .mtl file, as well as the texture files for the model.

Example uploading an .obj file only:

The eye is now blue:

The viewer model will be textureless:

If you want to add textures, here is what you have to add to the .zip file:

Gather all your object elements into a .zip file

Then, add the .zip file to the object editor to see it appear in the viewer like this.

Updated on: 18/07/2018

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