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How do I save my mapping?

In case you have to map the properties of the object you want to upload on BIM&CO, all you have to do is click “Upload and share”.
A pop-up window will open with all of your properties arranged by their type. Properties underlined in green are mapped automatically by our OPMS.
Blank property fields can be mapped manually by clicking the “Select…” button at the end of each property line.

When you click “Select”, another pop-up window will open and list all BIM&CO properties. The most important properties will be shown first and will already be preselected.
Click on the properties you want, and they will be mapped by the BIM&CO OPMS.

If you close the upload window, or send an object, a message will pop-up asking if you want to update your mapping file (Click “Yes”).

All of your work will be saved in this mapping file, including the mapping of all of your properties alongside those of BIM&CO. This means that you will only have to map properties like this once during a task.

If you wish to share another object that contains a property that you have already mapped, the application will remember it, so you won’t have to map it again.
If a member of your business wants to upload objects to BIM&CO with the same properties, they can select this mapping file, and the object’s properties will be mapped automatically.

The default location of the application’s mapping file will be here:

NB: You can see what has been mapped by opening the mapping file in Notepad.

Updated on: 19/07/2018

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