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How to publish an object on BIM&CO Plateform ?

To publish objects on BIM&CO, you have several possibilities:

• You want to publish personal BIM content available to the BIM&CO community or in private mode without content creation software.
You can click at any time on "create an object" in the banner at the top of the pages of the platform as on the image below

This opens up an online BIM object editor with 8 steps to be followed progressively and to be filled in and completed in order to have a BIM object to offer on BIM&CO that is as complete as possible.

In step 8, you have the choice of on different publication modes
- Public: your object is published publicly to all users of the platform.
- Private Groups: your object is published only in the selected private groups, as seen by the users registered in the private groups in question.
- Public groups: your object is published publicly on the platform and in the selected public group.
- Do not select anything: your object is published in your personal space and visible only by you.

Select the mode that suits you, then click Publish, and your object is published. To see it, click on the eye at the top of the editor page.

• You want to publish personal BIM content available to the BIM&CO community or in private mode (group or personal space) from your content creation software. From your creation software go to the BIM&CO function, and click on "Publish an object".

A popup of properties and publication settings for your object opens so that you can adjust your settings to those of BIM&CO.
Then you arrive on the BIM product editor online but via the plugin, with the same 8 steps as on the platform, explained previously.

• You want to publish objects in bulk to distribute a BIM product catalog or to store your product library to share it with your collaborators.
These are paid services for which we invite you to get in touch with our teams in order to establish the best offer adapted to your needs.

Updated on: 29/06/2020

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